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              Specs for my 1970 Lotus Seven Series 4





·        Verified by Lotus Seven Registrar, #LBS4-2937

·        Logbook: Run in SVRA, VDCA, HSR, VRG vintage organizations.

·        Weight: 1240 lbs

·        Horsepower – dynoed at 125 at rear wheels

·        Transmission: Ford 200E (Bullet).  4 forward and 1 reverse gears

·        Engine: Built by Apex Vintage in Raleigh NC.  15 hours on current build. 


1638cc Kent Crossflow

Cast Crank


Dave Bean Pistons

Hot Street Cam

1598cc Ford “Kent” Crossflow Block

Machined Steel Crank shaft

1598cc Kent Crossflow Head

Dave Bean” pistons (82mm 1.76CH)

Dave Bean



o       1638cc Ford “Kent” Crossflow “711M” block  (bored 1mm over, meets vintage specs)                  

o       Machined & Balanced Cast Crank                                                               

o       Standard Head, some machining done                             

o       Carrillo Rods

o       “Dave Bean” pistons (82mm 1.76CH)                                         

o       “Dave Bean” performance Hot Street” Cam (.296” x 292 degree)


Intake Side of Engine

Exhaust Side of Engine

Fuel Cell and Fuel Pump

Cockpit Vew

In Race Trim

Engine intake

Engine headers

Fuel Pump and Cell


View from Front



o       Pertronix Distributor (2009)

o       Pertronix Ignitor Electronic ignition (2009)

o       Dual Weber DCOE 40 carburetors                                           

o       Braided fuel lines with AN fittings

o       Holley Fuel Regulator

o       Carter Electric Fuel Pump                  

o       Remote Oil Filter mount

o       Battery cutoff Switch

o       Re-cored Dual Brake Master Cylinder (2009)

o       Re-cored Radiator (2008)

o       Electric radiator fan

o       Dual Throttle Linkage

o       3-Quart Accusump (2009)                                              

·        Body

o       Very Good to Excllent condition

o       Glass Fiber: wings & bonnet

o       Brooklands windscreen and SPA center post mirror for racing

·        FIA roll bar with center brace                                         

·        Separate “petty bar” for bracing which is removed for street use

·        Momo detachable Steering Wheel

·        Full instrumentation VDO Gauges (tach (Spa), speedometer, water temp, oil pressure, oil temp, volts, fuel)                               

·        10 gallon Fuel Safe fuel cell (can do a 1 hour enduro without adding fuel)


·        Suspension      Front Suspension view

o       Suspension modification to remove the lower front anti-sway bar and relocate with an adjustable anti-sway bar

o       AVO front and rear adjustable shocks 

·        8 - 13x6 inch Panasport wheels

·        4 - Avon ACB 10 tires (1 race weekend as of 11/30/09)

·        4 – Rain Tires

·        Kirkey aluminum racing seat

·        Sparco 6 point racing seat belts


Spares List:

o       Brooklands windscreen

o       Headlights / Mounts

o       Ford 200E Bullet Transmission

o       Kirkey aluminum racing seat

o     Starter

o     More stuff in the tool box like Distributor Cap, Coil, Weber gaskets….